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HB 6- JONESVILLE PUBLIC USE AREA - An Act establishing the Jonesville Public Use Area.

HJR 2 - Constitutional Amendment: APPROPRIATION LIMIT - Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Alaska relating to an appropriation limit.

HB 65 - APPROP: 2016 PFD SUPPLEMENTAL PAYMENT - An Act increasing the amount of the 2016 permanent fund dividend and directing the Department of Revenue to pay a supplemental dividend to eligible individuals; and providing for an effective date.

HB 66 - 2016 PFD SUPPLEMENTAL PAYMENT - An Act making a special appropriation from the earnings reserve account for the payment of permanent fund dividends; and providing for an effective date.

HJR 10 - LIMIT DECLARATION OF NATL. MONUMENTS - Urging the United States Congress to pass the Improved National Monument Designation Process Act.

HB 161 - ADVISORY VOTE ON USE OF PERMANENT FUND - An Act authorizing an advisory vote on the use of permanent fund earnings to finance the operation of state government.

HB 185 - HOLD LEGISLATIVE SESSIONS IN ANCHORAGE - An Act relating to the relocating and convening of the legislature at the Legislative Information Office in Anchorage; relating to the regulation of lobbying; relating to annual student guests of the legislature; relating to locations of sessions of the legislature; relating to the Legislative Ethics Act; relating to the relocation of functions of state government; and providing for an effective date.

HB 220 - DEFENSIVE DISPLAY OF FIREARM - Currently you are at risk of prosecution if you display a firearm if you display a firearm in self defense, even on your own property. This makes a defensive display of a firearm legal.‚Äč

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