Do you know where George stands on crime?

Below are crime bills George sponsored and co-sponsored, and crime bills he voted for (and one he would vote for if the option presented itself). Bills  designated with 'Votes' are bills that were passed by both house and senate. You will find other options at the top of these linked pages if you wish to do more research:

Positions & Votes

SB 91 - George supports a full repeal of the crime bill. George has worked with other legislators on 3-4 attempts to repeal this bill. SB 91 cannot be repealed unless there is a proper balance of conservatives in Juneau. Hopefully this election will produce a huge change in the governor's mansion, the house will flip back to republican, and the senate does not flip to democrat control. Our district has candidates in the house republican primary race that could upset the balance needed to repeal it.

SB 54 - Proponents of SB 91 called this 'the fix’ of SB 91. Conservatives in the house voted against it, because it cost a lot of money and they knew it wouldn't resolve a thing - and it hasn't. George voted for Amendment 11 under 'Bills Co-Sponsored', which was a repeal of SB 91.

HB 31 - An Act relating to law enforcement training in domestic violence and sexual assault.

HB 214 - An Act relating to the Department of Education and Early Development; relating to dating violence and abuse training, awareness, prevention, and notices.

HB 216 - An Act relating to restitution; relating to the office of victims' rights; relating to transfers from the dividend fund.

HB 298 - Number of Superior Court Judges increased by 1 in the first judicial district.

HB 312 - Alaska hospitals have reported an increase in assaults against caregivers. This bill allows for arrest without a warrant for a fourth degree assault in a health care facility.

HB 333 - An Act authorizing a municipality to adopt an ordinance prohibiting certain uses of cellular telephones while driving in school zones or on school property.

HB 355 - An Act relating to the crime of criminally negligent burning. This bill allows Department of Forestry personnel to enter private property 'at any time' without a warrant to 'investigate' potential fire danger. Some see this as needed to prevent unattended fires from getting out of control, while others see this as a government over-reach.

SB 15 - An Act relating to possession of an electronic smoking product or a product containing nicotine by a minor and to selling or giving a product containing nicotine or an electronic smoking product to a minor.

SB 55 - Omnibus Crime bill - Relating to criminal law and procedure; relating to controlled substances; relating to sentencing; relating to protective orders; relating to restitution; relating to the period of probation; relating to revocation, termination, suspension, cancellation, or restoration of a driver's license; relating to parole; relating to the duties of the Department of Corrections and the Department of Health and Social Services; requiring an inventory of and reports on untested sexual assault examination kits.

SB 63 - An Act prohibiting smoking in certain places.

SB 148 - An Act relating to powers of the Alaska Police Standards Council; and relating to background checks for admission to police training programs and certification as a police officer.

SB 163 - An Act relating to commercial motor vehicles; and relating to overtaking and passing certain stationary vehicles.

SCR 17 - Proclaiming April 2018 as Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Bills Sponsored

HB 6 - Jonesville Public Use Area:  This bill allows residents to establish rules for using the area (bringing dangerous conditions under control), enforceable by state troopers. In spite of a democrat majority in the state house, Rep. Rauscher spoke to every legislator (59 of them in house and senate) about this bill, and because of his efforts the bill passed unanimously in both the house and the senate. We need his dedication and statesmanship in the state house.

HB 200 - Defensive Display of Firearms:  As it stands now you can be arrested for displaying a weapon when you feel threatened by another individual - even on your own property. This bill removes the threat of criminal prosecution for the defensive display of a firearm. 

Bills Co-Sponsored

AMENDMENT 11 on SB 54 - A repeal of SB 91. Although the amendment did not pass, your representative has consistently worked with others in the house for this repeal.

HB 205 - An act prohibiting the adoption or enforcement of ‘sanctuary’ jurisdictions, in compliance with federal law.

HB 320 - Concealed weapons possession - ages 18-20:  An act relating to possession of deadly weapons by a person who is 18 years of age or older.

HJR 13 - Urging the United States Congress to divide the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

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