Campaign Support

How to Donate to the Campaign

Your contribution is important to getting my message out. Just
as important though, is a contribution of time to help put up signs, call
neighbors, or waive signs encouraging people to get out and vote days before
the election. The election on August 19th, 2014  is coming quickly. If you can contribute financially or have an hour or more of time, please print out the form below and mail, fax or email to one of the locations listed below.

George Rauscher

To Make a Donation Complete This Form

Or You Can Mail Your Donation To:
George Rauscher for State House
PO Box 3838
Palmer, Alaska 99645

To Mail a Donation
Please Print and Fill-Out a Donation Card, Enclose with your check and send to the address above.

Phone number: 907 745 4058