House District 9

I am an independent conservative

Like you, I work hard for my money
Like you, I'm tired of broken promises to fight Federal Overreach.
Like you, I'm tired of broken Campaign Promises.

I eat what I hunt and fish
I won’t tell you one thing and tell someone else the opposite
It’s time for Alaska to develop our natural resources
It’s time government stopped competing with the private sector
It’s time to protect parental rights in education

I believe competition breeds excellence

I will protect the Sanctity of Life

We must vote a sustainable budget for our children's futures

We shall never give up our 2nd Amendment Rights.

Let's cut our budget to constitutionally required services

     My name is George Rauscher,

           I'm running for House District 9 on August 16, 2016

                I need your vote.  
 Let's Talk.....

 Bold - Responsive - Conservative



Carrying Forward the Promise of Alaska

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"I'd Like to hear what    matters to you."

Rock Solid - The SOLID Conservative Choice

PO Box 3838, Palmer, Alaska 99674

Campaign Contact Phone (907) 841-6654


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We must Respond Boldly and Conservatively to preserve the future of Alaska our God given Liberties, and to defend and uphold our US and State constitutions.  

          - George Rauscher